Logan N. Johnson

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Logan N. Johnson has been recently promoted to fulltime pianist for East Fork Baptist Church. He served as Assistant Pianist under Ms. Myrna Potts for 3 years. As a freshman in high school, Mary Fay Williams was his piano teacher. As Mary Fay always said, "Logan, if you weren't so smart and wasn't going to be a doctor one day, I think you would be one excellent music major." Logan is living up to his favorite piano instructor's quote as he chases his dreams of pursuing a career in dentistry. He is currently enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana, where he is a fulltime student. He is a Biology major with a concentration in Integrative Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He plans to graduate in the Fall of 2018. He never imagined piano taking him so far, but he gives all thanks to God first, followed by Mary Fay Williams. If he wants you to know one thing it's: dreams are meant to be chased and fulfilled.

   February 2019   
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